What xMap brings to the table that no one else does

xMap reduces the time spent creating learning programs.

• The easy-to-use visual interface minimizes design time

• Quick-start libraries of past projects reduce start-up time

• The cloud-based workspace simplifies reviews

• An intuitive interface with simple drag-and-drop interactivity speed up the approval process

xMap improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning programs.

• It’s easy to compare and balance commitment of facilitator time, subject matter expert assignments, and the effort necessary to develop experiences

• Because SMEs and other stakeholders can easily see what the program may look like (time, audience, competencies, topics, etc.), the road is cleared for real collaboration

• You can tag topics across multiple dimensions, making it possible to analyze data and reveal insights

• Total program effort is easily calculated in both duration (seat time) and production (effort estimate) required


Introduction to xMap

The xMap Concept